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At Birdoo, we are bringing the power of computer vision to improve your poultry operations. Real-time insights saves time, improves accuracy and enhances financial performance.
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At Birdoo

Our technology

Our technology is the world’s first fully-automated AI powered computer vision system deployed in the poultry industry. Using machine learning to project body weight, our non-invasive 3D cameras have produced results with 98% accuracy.
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At Birdoo

We are enabling

We are enabling our customers to accurately predict harvest weights, optimize nutrition and bring uniformity and consistency for integrators.
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At Birdoo

Our transformative technology

Our transformative technology is changing the way the industry makes its more important decisions. We address the most common challenges like bird stress, aggression, flock patterns and mortality; insights our customers leverage for a more stable, healthy, consistent and predictable end to end supply chain.
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About us

Rooted in purpose, we know that in order to feed a growing population, our planet must feed nearly 10 billion people by 2050.  To do this sustainably, we’ll need to produce nearly 70% more protein, while using the same inputs and resources we do today.

Our vision is simple.  By bringing the most disruptive technologies like computer vision, AI and machine learning, we are building a world class insights platform for the poultry industry.  From hatchery to harvest, we help our customers achieve greater profitability through our real-time insights engine, answering important questions in daily operations.


Our technology uses cameras to monitor your poultry houses every hour of every day, all year round.   We developed the technology using cutting edge artificial intelligence that turns visual imagines in to contextualized real-time insights.

Using an open API architecture, these insights are made available through our own proprietary user interface, easily accessible on your mobile device, table or PC.  Moreover, we can expose these insights in the industries top farm management and ERP systems, making the insights accessible and contextualized for the entire management team, readily available, and at your fingertips.

The solution delivers consistent, reliable and high accurate insights, bringing the most advanced technology to your operations in a very affordable monthly subscription.



CEO & FOUNDER – Dr. Mahender Singh

Birdoo was founded by Dr. Mahender Singh. He is the CEO and has over two decades of professional experience spanning diverse roles, functions and industries, working globally alongside amazing people to create value. With immense determination, he has battled adversity to transform the world of agriculture through unique models and artificial intelligence in the fields of computer vision for poultry. Dr. Singh has developed the patent-pending technology behind Birdoo AI driven computer vision platform. He earned his Master’s degrees in Management Science from University of Tennessee and a Master’s in Engineering from MIT. He also received a Ph.D. from University of Tennessee. Dr. Singh was faculty at MIT for nearly 10 years, engaged in the game changing research that led to some of his breakthrough ideas for the poultry industry

CTO : Paval

Advisory Board:

Ryan Rodenburg

Mr. Rodenburg is Managing Partner of Azul Ocean Ventures. He is also the Chief Operating Officer of Syniti, which acquired Data Migration Resources, a company Ryan founded in 2010. A successful and seasoned entrepreneur, investor and mentor, Ryan has grown companies, groomed talent, and executed exceptional vision to transform wherever he engages.

Prior to the acquisition of his latest venture, Ryan successfully started several other businesses, a passion he has honed over the years, dating back to when he graduated from college. As the CEO of Data Migration Resources, Ryan honed his skills as a growth driver, and the CEO of a company that saw phenomenal year over year growth catching the eye of technology behemoths like SAP, and his largest competitor. He at one time was leading three successful companies simultaneously that he founded.

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